I am a Freelance Seamstress passionate about working with small brands.

I would love to help you

Reduce your workload

Improve your turnaround time

Expand to wholesale 

Grow your business 

Want to reduce your sewing workload?

Of Course You Do.


 We form open and honest relationships with our clients.

We respect their small business, just as they respect ours. Together we appreciate quality and hand made items.

We support each other, and enjoying working through the creative process together.


We offer a bespoke service to every client, allowing them to have their designs brought to life.

We always make with attention to detail, ensuring that the garments are not only unique, but are of high quality and are beautiful.


We run our business in a way that gives us freedom to enjoy our lives. We’re not a slave to the 9-5 and don’t expect our clients to be either.

We support their freedom by respecting their boundaries, and helping them to create time within their business by outsourcing to us.